Thursday, March 29, 2007

Keh Do Na, Keh Do Na, You Are My...

Soniya Liberace ?!?!?!!!!?!

Bollywood favorite bhangra boy and swooner-crooner, Sonu Nigam:

I'm too sexy for this shirt, too sexy for this shirt, so sexy it hurts...

This is why playback singers don't get any screen time, y'all. Stay off camera with that H.A.M.!
Thanks for the tip, Vij! He is Brown Liberace, to go with previously posted Brown Fabio.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bollywood Fabio? [Updated!]

I am not sure whether this is a still from the film, but IF this is from the movie, THEN I issue the following fug!

This is a photo of Mithun Chakraborty's son, Mimoh; his first film He will be released soon.

Bollywood Fugly blogger Beth asks, "Why so shiny?" t-hype wonders if he always looks like Fabio.

Your thoughts, dear audience?

3/29/07 Update: I should have Googled a bit more before posting.

Tank tops, acid-washed jeans, and big belt buckles seem to be his specialty.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Fugly Prediction

The India Times is reporting that Govinda and Karisma Kapoor are slated to team up for a reunion pic with David Dhawan...

...which should provide this blog with enough material for a month.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bollywood Fugly lesson #7: never say unfuggable

I really thought Sharmilee (1971), starring my new favorite person Shashi Kapoor and Rakhee (and Rakhee, and also a guy named Tiger) was unfuggable. It's 1971 and the pants are a little pegged, the hair big, the eyeliner magnificent, and the jumpsuits jumpin', but all in the most glorious possible way. I would truly hold my head high in any of Rakhee's zillion outfits (or to be seen arm-in-arm with Shashi in his).

But then, more than two hours into the 2:45 running time, the item girl gets her turn. She's no Helen, as Filmi Geek pointed out, but she does not offend particularly. But then she's joined on stage by who I think supposed to be some sort of circus strong man character, and...well, let me just show you.

He's got it all: ninja-y headband, polkadot belt, tight shorts, and white Beatle boots and socks. The first three are explicable, if we can buy that there's a circus strong man character in an item number in a villain lair in the Himalayas - and of course we can, or else we wouldn't be watching these things - but everyone knows strong men wear mid-calf black lace-up Victoriany looking boots. Beatle boots? Now that's ridiculous.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Zorro Wuz Here

I guess Kareena is a big fan of the "slashed-midriff" look.

From her item number in the forthcoming film, Kya Love Story Hai:

Friday, March 16, 2007

respect your elders, Kapoor-ishtyle

Doosra Aadmi (1977) features not one but two of the Kapoor dynasty princes, Rishi and Shashi (son and brother of Raj, respectively, for those who have not mapped out the Kapoor family tree), as well as Rishi's princess Neetu Singh.* I know this blog isn't for fashion dos, but I cannot resisting contrasting the male stars, who demonstrate why, in some cultures, age, with its wisdom from experience, is so venerated. For the most part, the clothes in this movie are unfuggable (and maybe even tied to plot and chacater development, but more on that in my regular blog); they are 1977 in the good way, and even our hero Rishi gets normal-looking suits that elicit no comment. But then about halfway in, while taking a drive in the country, a most mysterious phenomenon occurs: Rishi somehow manages to look simultaneously like John Belushi, Woody Allen, and Harry Potter.**

It's worse from the side.

Then just a few moments later, in the very same scene, he manages to channel 70s poster boy freshly-scrubbed cheeriness, with his dreamy stares and jaunty scarf...

until he holds his arms up too high for his cropped jacket and gives us a little muffin top.

Most of us would have muffin tops in a jacket and pants like that, which is why we here at Bollywood Fugly work so tirelessly to point out to costume designers how careful they must be.

On the bright side, however, we have the older and wiser Shashi (and my new FPMBF runner-up, by the way) showing us that a tank top, dress shirt, and leather jacket can be very successfully coordinated with just the right scarf (especially in the classic three-quarter turn, outstretched arms, coming-out-of-a-spin pose)

and that, depending on the uncle in question, maybe a little "uncle chest" can be a good thing.


* The women in this movie got great clothes and generally looked 1970s classy, so I don't include them here.

** There are a lot of really big sunglasses in this movie, and generally speaking I like them, because they're 1) fun and 2) appropriate for the feeling and era of the movie. I'll be posting many more images of sunglasses and scarves in my write-up later this weekend.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oh Bobby!

Today's entertainment slideshow highlights Yash Raj Films' 2007 releases. (I can't wait for Aaja Nachle.)

Unfortunately, here's another shot from Jhoom Barbara Jhoom, featuring easy-to-fug Bobby Deol:

Friday, March 02, 2007

Burn My Eyes, Upendra

Bengali superstar Upendra has apparently discovered a shade of pink even hotter than hot pink.

But as bad as that may be, it's the outfit into which he changes that really makes this one a classic. The women in the clip fare all right, but between Upendra's sizzling hot pink outfit, his black and yellow checkered suit stolen from the closet of Corey Feldman, and the male backup dancers mauve blazers, yellow shirts, and fire engine red ties and pants (to say nothing of the yellow-pink-turquoise ensembles) -- well, guys, I'm havin' to call fugly on this one. Your clothes do not have to match the test strip from a color printer.