Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bollywood Fugly lesson #7: never say unfuggable

I really thought Sharmilee (1971), starring my new favorite person Shashi Kapoor and Rakhee (and Rakhee, and also a guy named Tiger) was unfuggable. It's 1971 and the pants are a little pegged, the hair big, the eyeliner magnificent, and the jumpsuits jumpin', but all in the most glorious possible way. I would truly hold my head high in any of Rakhee's zillion outfits (or to be seen arm-in-arm with Shashi in his).

But then, more than two hours into the 2:45 running time, the item girl gets her turn. She's no Helen, as Filmi Geek pointed out, but she does not offend particularly. But then she's joined on stage by who I think supposed to be some sort of circus strong man character, and...well, let me just show you.

He's got it all: ninja-y headband, polkadot belt, tight shorts, and white Beatle boots and socks. The first three are explicable, if we can buy that there's a circus strong man character in an item number in a villain lair in the Himalayas - and of course we can, or else we wouldn't be watching these things - but everyone knows strong men wear mid-calf black lace-up Victoriany looking boots. Beatle boots? Now that's ridiculous.


Malayp said...

Holy cow...get that dancing woman a lasso...and we have got our selves the first edition of desi WONDERWOMAN!!!


Anonymous said...

No need for a lasso, malayp. Just get that cow, make some lassi and she'll fly right to you!