Monday, June 09, 2008

WITWHT Mahima Chaudhry?

I'm starting a new feature around here - "What In The World Happened To." Today's Bollywood star - Mahima Chaudhry.

For Fug, fast forward to 2:05 and 3:51:


Beth said...

I had to look her up on imdb to make sure I knew who she was. Take a gander at this recent project - ugh! (Some of the others look decent, though.)

As for the fug, what are those shoes with her pink outfit?

Susania said...

awww, don't mock my Mahima! I think she's darling. And I must contest the fug label - I've seen much, much worse! Do we know what movie this is from?

Frankly, I'm more appalled by the complete and utter lack of an original concept in that song - absolutely every shot, action, and setting was an exact copy from another song.

Beth said...

Agreed, she is pretty. Her black and pink outfits, though....

It's Kurukshetra, which I see also stars Rakhi Sawant!

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