Tuesday, September 23, 2008

superhero duds

Rediff has posted a short photo essay on a few of Bollywood's superhero costumes over the years. Poor Amitabh seems to have gotten the short end of the wardrobe department stick.

Speaking of which, what do readers think about the looks in Drona?


nitin said...

i dont think its just the looks which matter, if drona has okayish storyline and good effects it might work and then the looks would just work :-)... i think its the package which will work or fail and then we can crave abt the looks or ridicule it :-)...

theBollywoodFan said...

I didn't like the look at all. There's one shot in particular that is circulating in the primary promo spot, that is just horrible. I agree with Nitin that the package matters more, but surely, the look could have been better suited to 'superhero' proportions (whatever that means -- more kick-butt type stuff, I guess) to rope in the audience. I know I would've gone to see it if that were the case.

I like the idea of having a cross between He-Man and Prince of Persia (from the video game) and Zelda (The Legend of Zelda, also the video game), but Hrithik Roshan or Salman Khan would've been way better with that.

reehaana said...

The look obviously does matter as it helps the movie to sell, but the drona look, ew, theres nothing to like in it.

Junin said...

Guys i m with u but mind it look play an important role at least it make impression first then the other thing comes.

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i dont think its just the looks which matter, if drona has okayish storyline and good effects it might work and then the looks would just work :-)... i think its the package which will work or fail and then we can crave abt the looks or ridicule it :-)

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