Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Rishi, you're so fine! You're so fine you blow my mind! Hey Rishi! Hey Rishi! Hum Kisise Kum Nahin

A submission from our friend Doc Bollywood (images and captions from him; editorial snark from Beth):

[Strangest barbell ever. No-resistance training? I don't think that's the equipment Bips and John recommend in their videos. - Ed.]

Is it? Could it be? I think it is... DANCE OFF 70'S SHTYLE!!!!!!!!

I got my own backup band, my nickname is Chintu and I got yet ANOTHER amazing white outfit to do battle with you in, what you got to say now playah?

[The idea of 70s Rishi calling someone "playah" is very pleasing indeed. - Ed.]

I just included this shot for the fabulous brown ALL LEATHER SUIT that Rajesh is sporting.

[Enough about his face - that's one hell of a suit. Also, you're in no position to point fingers, Ms. Red Translucent Checkered Scarf That Might Also Be Attacking Your Head and Also I Can Fit My Entire Body into One of My Pant Legs. - Ed.]

I love this shot of the gun toting goondas coming after our band of misfits. Why? Because they are wearing matching outfits with matching leather vests to boot. Bravo costume designer, bravo.

I swear that Sanjay is wearing more makeup than Kaajal here but that killer scarf makes up for it.

[Well, movie, I say it's time for one more before we close! If you've ever wanted to know how Lawrence Welk would costume qawwali, look no further. - Ed.]

Saturday, November 29, 2008

sartorial horror in the Ramsay Brothers' Purana Mandir

Yes, picking on the fashion in a 1984 horror film is like shooting fish in a barrel. Consider it tit for tat for filmmakers once again punishing the most sexually forward female character with a gruesome death. They wanna play cheap and easy? Fine, can do. We're all lucky I couldn't be bothered to put 1990's Bandh Darwaza back in the DVD player to get screen captures.

This is about the best thing we see our heroines wear, other than a few nice but unnoteworthy salwar suits.

Some general fugitude. I have to say this for the costume department (Sayyed and Mukesh D. Upadhyaya, according to imdb): they are certainly not afraid of trying out hats. This one is less fugly and more curious - she looks like a cigarette girl in a 1920s movie palace.

Why, god, why?

Pink Greek goddess? Leopard print swim skirt ensemble?

Is the extra flap in the front of the skirt a carrying pouch for the hat?

My favorite single outfit was this apron-front romper - yes, it has legs - that Arti Gupta wears for a beachside tryst.

You'd think the Raja's daughter could muster up something better than a fast-food staff uniform.
Mohnish Bahl thoughtfully complements it with his calculator watch (not actually fugly - just funny, 24 years later).


Even the evil corpse-eating, child-killing, rapist monster gets a snazzy embroidered jacket, almost like a prize fighter.

To close, a montage of the costumer's favorite accessory: braids on our heroines' heads, whether thin cords, woven with ribbons into their hair, or looped across their foreheads à la Olivia Newton-John on the cover of Physical.

But who cares, when there's such cute young love!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kapda Nahin Hai...

Q:If one isn't wearing clothes, how is it possible, Oh Bloggers of BFug, that you can still declare something fugly?

A: When the lack of clothing perpetuates Uncle Chest. (at 1:20 in the video)

Put some clothes on, Uncle!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

superhero duds

Rediff has posted a short photo essay on a few of Bollywood's superhero costumes over the years. Poor Amitabh seems to have gotten the short end of the wardrobe department stick.

Speaking of which, what do readers think about the looks in Drona?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot or Not?

Mallika Sherawat's "dreadlocks" in Ugly Aur Pagly:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forthcoming Fug

Fug we can all look forward to...

From God Tussi Great Ho (August, 2008):

From Bachna ae Haseeno (August, 2008):

From C Kkompany* (August, 2008):

*Ekta Kapoor really needs to learn how to spell.

From Money Hain to Honey Hain (July, 2008):