Sunday, September 30, 2007

Preity Princess

I liked Jaan-e-Mann, but some of Preity's clothes need our attention.

What era is this supposed to be evoking? It's a flashback to the character's college days, so if we assume they're 30ish, that would put us at the mid- to late-1990s. The gothic font trucker cap and princess lingo say 2002, but the torn jeans are more 1993 and the stacks of plastic bracelets remind me of 1984. And the hair beads? No clue.

Whatever the era, the look is clearly, you know, bad-ass. Maybe the whole thing is supposed to be mockable. It definitely is when Anupam wears it.

Also, the white shoes make me itch, even if she is just an extra with a scrunchie.

(all photos from Jaan-e-Mann, 2006)


laura said...

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Anonymous said...

Just browsing my favorite Bollywood-mocking website from days ago and I came upon this gem. I didn't want to make this rated R, but you started it.

Does that second pic with Preity in a beige cap also feature a spaceship shaped like a cock and balls on her t-shirt? WTF IS GOING ON THERE??

Anyway, much love to this old site. There's so much fug these days that needs to be documented, but alas, you must have moved on to bigger and better things.