Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Soooo, Shahrukh.... Can I have a word?

Going for the "aspiring glam rocker got in a fight in an alley with a backup dancer from an off-off-Broadway production of Fame" look, are we?

Can we go over the elements of your outfit? I'm a little confused as to what you and K Jo were thinking when you got dressed today. Let's see, here we have:
- post-something glow to the skin
- cheeks/jaw done with contouring makeup
- perfect hair
- eyebrows just so (yet not in full-on ~ mode)
- dirty bandages on the arms (unless those are what people are calling "sleeves" these days)
- artfully slashed, dirty outer shirt that somehow seems to be the same piece of fabric as the inner shirt (look at his left shoulder, how it seems to be the same at the big circle on his chest) - or maybe the right shoulder is a different piece of fabric, even though it's the same color as the left shoulder. Is this a Möbius strip hoodie? My head hurts.

I really wish you had shown your trousers, too. Are they shorts, with your legs done up like your arms?

Many, many thanks to Filmi Geek to passing this on. She found in on eBay, natch.


Anonymous said...

:) but even putting aside the elements of this look, it makes him look like Shekhar Suman in his latest music video. Worse, in the recent Pepsi ad hoarding, i thought he looked like Abhijit Sawant, the adolescent Indian idol. what is SRK's stylist thinking of?

Anonymous said...

And you know what makes it worse? They did different poses.


Anonymous said...

Make the lambs stop screaming.

Shammi said...

"Mobius strip hoodie" - mwahahahahaha! That was inspired! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm confused what's going on here...

Payal said...

I think i had a shirt like that when i was 5! and that was 20 years ago!!

Anonymous said...

I am trying hard not to snort with laughter in the coffee shop. As bad as the outfit (?) is, and as funny as your writing is, what makes this funnier is that it is one of my gosh-I'd-really-like-to's to write a Bollywood-esque screenplay about gay glam rockers (if that's not redundant), with music by T Rex (who would have been simply remarkable in Bollywood), David Bowie, and Roxie Music. (Is that _Velvet Goldmine_ all over again, making it even more redundant?)

May the gods help me, I am not kidding. I am a straight, mostly white American woman. Budding psychologists seeking a subject for a dissertation, I will have my blog up and running soon. : }

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

anneonymousone - I think we may be kindred spirits. Pls email. :) But first, make that movie! I'd totally see it. The casting sessions are going to be fab.

Anonymous said...

oh ma god srk u ment 2 b getin beter nt getin worser an worser! and wt on earth is it with those t-shrts. da on person dt i cn imagine werin those are tramps.oh swi i 4gt ur one! srk seriously needs a lyf cz his actin iz over!!!!!!!!!! he seriously should retier!