Friday, May 18, 2007

India to Europe: "Anything you can do, we can do better."

Alternate title: "So you think you can fug?"
Alternate title 2, inspired by having spent the last few days with an Australian friend: "That's not a fug. This is a fug."

Okay. Probaby most of you who read this site have at least occasionally visited our mission-statement mothership, Go Fug Yourself. But even if you're not a daily visitor like I am, it is absolutely imperative that you do not miss GFY's post on the madness that is the Eurovision Song Contest. The post is as funny as usual, and the finer points of sartorial ridiculousness are indeed ridiculous, such as the Ukranian entry.

But I can't help but think "if you think that's bad, just you get a load of this here!" If European designers of costumes for staged musical numbers propose those as eye-catching, and the people who fug them find them fuggable, then they've got another thing coming.

I've been flipping through the Eurovision website for awhile, and everything I see, even when taken all together, is just a drop in the bucket that we here at Bollywood Fugly - and all fans of popular Indian cinema everywhere - swim in every day. We'll see your feathered headdress and raise you feathers lining all the major seams of an outfit. We'll see your black knee socks coupled with a gold glitter jackets and riase you some pastel pink capes and baby blue leotards all the while singing about a major deity.

GFY, if you do ever wander over this way, may I recommend this as a starting point, with the introductory guidance that all of those pictures are from just one movie with just one person listed under "costume design"?

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Maja said...

Ah, the Eurovision ... It's something you have to watch (or rather record and then watch in fast forward mode, only stopping to listen to maybe a minute of each song and admire the hunky host - there's always one), just so you can take part in all the "Did you see what he/she/they was/were wearing? Did you hear the song? Shocking!" conversations. Have you heard the Ukrainian song? The outfits are even more baffling when you see them in action and accompanied by music. Very shiny. I'm sure there's a video on YouTube ... And while you're watching, just remember this - they almost won. I love Europe.