Friday, May 25, 2007


Okay, not really; the movie had little to fug - its problems were elsewhere - but you can't have a cast of three zillion without some missteps.

On the up side, Akshaye wears a jaunty shirt with butterflies on it.

On the down side, he also wears this ugly denim marching band jacket:

See the embellishments on the sleeve?

They're so evil that they're taking over his arm in a self-destructive rage and making him choke himself!

But that is nothing compared to Anil Kapoor, who of course is supposed to look ridiculous here - and well done!

I think here he might be trying to communicate that even though he looks like an idiot, at least he isn't pulling a Himesh Reshammiya like every other man in this shot.


Susania said...


I have NEVER seen him sans stache.

sparkle hayter said...

It;s kinda freaky to see Anil Kapoor without facial hair! He looks much better clean-shaven.

Ms. Catwalq said...

Just saw the film yesterday. nearly passed out when Anil came into frame with no facial hair. Bad Bad Bad.
Actually thought John Abraham was not too bad, if you eliminated the proposal scene and all the running.
Nearly wet myseld with the pregnant woman scene and Akshay Khanna. Was ok even though Salman Khan and whatever-her-name-is nearly ruined the film for me. How does he keep getting jobs? Their storyline was so tacky.
Juhi Chawla is my girl men. Have loved her since the first time I saw her. Am not sure but I think it was in My brother Nikhil.

Corny name said...

4 hours!


Which was the last movie Anil Kapoor clean shaven in? Mr. India.

no... he was just invisible there.

Btw. - Hello! Nice Bollywood blog..
so many people around

Anonymous said...

Anil Kapoor with no moochi - Lamhe.