Monday, January 29, 2007

Bollywood Bloggers! Let´s meet. In Vienna

The mistress of this blog gave me the ok to hijack our very fulgy home to crosspost something from my blog:

Michael, Beth and I have come up with this cool idea.

There will be the first Pan-European/International-Bollywoodblogger-Meeting in Vienna (that would be Vienna, Austria) on Saturday March 10th. And you´re all invited.

Kyun? Because we can. And because Beth will be visiting Vienna then. And since that is a very special occation and calls for a celebration anyway and since Michael invited himself too, we thought, hey, why not meet all of us?

We don´t have an agenda yet. But what we have is ek pura din, the whole saturday. And that means we will talk, eat, drink, watch (a) movie(s) and party. Plainly speaking a bunch of nice people with a vast interest in indian cinema (yes, it´s not BW-exclusive) will meet a bunch of nice people with a vast interest in indian cinema. Sounds fun, hai-naa?

So far I already have almost definite consents from some very cool
people and I hope you will have time to show up too!

Head over to my blog or to for updates. The
next few days should bring more info about program, participating BW
bloggers and accommodation. And if you have any questions or suggestions you want to propose on the sly, feel free to email me at babasko [at] gmail [dot] com

UPDATE 1/31/2007: Yaaahooooo! Great feedback and already an impressive (if a bit heavy on the germanspeaking side) line-up. Beth. Michael. Marco. Maini. Oliver. Kaddele. Maria. Birgit. Maja and "my" complete Viennese BW gang.
ad Accommodation: If you´re short on funds. Don´t worry. As long as you make it to Vienna, we´ve got a couple of sofas for you (Not that there´s going to be much time for sleep)

Update 2/3/2007: New post about suggested meeting program. Here.
Update 2/11/2007: New post with first draft of the days schedule. Here


Anonymous said...

hey great blog! just came across it today through filmiholic and have been hooked for over an hour just laughing while looking through old guys should check out srk's karle karle promo vid for kbc, I'm sure you'll find some material in there

Beth said...

anonymous - oh yeah, that is a gem! T-hype posted it on her other blog, and I did leave a comment about those shaggy leg-warmer thingies in the all-white hip-hop scenes. Ugh.

t-hype said...

Sounds like you guys are going to have tons of fun in Vienna! Take lots of photos....