Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Feeling Weary?

Is your week lacking in amazement? Fear no more. Anytime I need a little brain-shock, I watch a clip of this song. (I know it hurts at first but you'll feel a mind-numbing sense of peace by the end.)
I like this raggedy little movie for what it could have been.
This routine is one of the main reasons Yaadein was struggling. There are 200 silly things going on in this clip. Can you find them all? ;)


Beth said...

My week has already had some highs and lows, but it's been short on amazement. So thank you. This was a damn good time and I'm inspired to watch the whole thing. My favorite silly thing is how at one point your FPMBF is dancing with a bunch of guys in black (and the woman with the very unfortunate wig) and in a few of the moves he's the only one who gets to hook his hand(s) over the center of his belt, enabling him to look much more come-hither than anyone else on screen. Also I think the composer has been a little too "inspired by" the repetitive syllables in "Choli Ke Peeche."

Kits said...

Some highlights fr me:
* Kareena Kapoor's dress and hair
* Hrithik's outfit
* Is that Vasundhara Das btw with tht
* Why were they all dressed so
* Why was this movie made?

Pooja said...

1. Kareena's flouncy dress (Note the rosettes over her right breast and shoulder.)
2. The scantily-clad band
3. Hritik's jacket
4. Hritik's moth-eaten tank top
5. Hritik's pants
42. The fake, mismatched flower in Kareena's hair
67. The various Rajastani turbans
90. Jackie's lousy "dance" step
91. The lyrics to this song
106. The "Flamenco"-style back-up dancer outfits
143. The use of many flocks of birds
156. The extra that looks like she stepped out of an Edwardian novel
165. The chick-in-blue's (Is that really Vasundara Das?) shoes
169. Amrish Puri's outfit

My head hurts.

Anonymous said...

The outfits are goofy (razor-ripped tanks went out in the '80s) but the song rocks.

t-HYPE said...

I agree anon. The song is pretty good--which makes the visuals all the more heinous in contrast...

Anonymous said...

you should do some in-depth research and find out for us if all of the fugly outfits are the work of one costume designer.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the costumes considering that it was some kinda costume party going on...

but kiran rathod, with that wig? :)

thomas sabo sale charms said...

areena Kapoor's dress and hair
* Hrithik's outfit
* Is that Vasundhara Das btw with tht