Friday, January 05, 2007

Dances with...Ninjas??

Gah! Between the yin-yang emblazoned ninjas (and she-ninjas), and the fanning, bowing, cheomsang-wearing Chinese ladies, straight out of the Background Casting for Dummies textbook, the only redeeming fug-factors in this song picturisation are Akshaye Khanna-- who doesn't even dance a single count-- and Upen Patel… though it looks like his wardrobe came from the Backstreet Boys' going-out-of-business sale.

I think my dance troupe needs a pack of back-up ninjas...


Beth said...

It's bad, bad, baaaad. I also like the white socks in the first number.

And thanks for sticking up for my FPMBF!

Anonymous said...

When I feel sad, I just pump up the volume on this itunes gem and make up my own choreography to it. And it has plenty of karate-chops and pelvic thrusts!