Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holy Flying Tubes of Fairness Cream!

No matter how ridiculous a song's lyrics, Madhuri Dixit brings such grace and poise to every choreographed move. She is one hell of a dancer.

As for Salman's pseudo-bharatanatyam moves... Oy!

But where was I? Ah yes, fugging.

Salman is too easy to fug. His fashion disasters are ALL over this song. Madhuri looks just fine in a traditional lengha and angrakha but her high-waisted pants, gold body suit, and checkered jacket (fast-forward to 4:10), well... it's all very unfortunate.

And of course, where would Bollywood Fugly be without the backup dancers? Lamé seems to be a fabric of choice.


square peg said...

I can't even remember the last time I heard that song - and I forgot how dopey the video was. You're so spot-on about Madhuri though; even with a microbraid weave and that foppish beret she looks like a million bucks.

ajay noronha said...

o i am so looking foward to seeing her in aaja nach ley...n to shooting with her on koffee! said...

This won't have effect in fact, that's exactly what I believe.