Friday, April 27, 2007


While surfing the web for fugly photographs of Tanisha, I came across clips from Manmohan Desai's Dharam Veer. (Read a full plot summary [with spoilers] here.)

I am not sure if I like Jeetu's ruffles or Zeenat's purple cape better.

Enjoy... and remember there are EVEN MORE on YouTube!

Happy Friday!


Katrin said...

Is this the right place to admit that I really adore every single outfit in that film? They're all so ridiculously over the top that they make me grin uncontrollably whenever I see a picture ...

Like this one.

Katrin said...

Argh! Wrong Link! Sorry!!!
I meant this .

Beth said...

Katrin, I totally understand.

And they say today's skirts are short.

Nemo said...

you haven't lived till you see the title song of dharam-veer ;)

Nemo said...

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Susania said...

I am watching Dharam-Veer right now. They are currently in the midst of a medieval joust, with Dharmendra in a Hercules tunic, Zeenat in a catsuit with a cape, Jeetendra is wearing a mariachi/flamenco costume, and the guys have just been attacked by Roman gladiators. Delicious!

Have I mentioned their dad dresses like Robin Hood?

Susania said...

... and now Dharmendra's in a golden cage being poked with spears.

By several dwarves.

Anonymous said...

Dharmendra is a ever green actor.He is a nice person.



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