Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shakalaka Boom Boom... Again

On Filmiholic's blog review of Shakalaka Boom Boom, 'Joseph Gonsalves' writes: "Everyone’s costumes look like they’ve been sourced from a bargain basement sale at Pimps-For-Less."

This post is for you, 'Joseph.'

Did the costume designer score some sort of "buy-one-get-one" deal with the Don team?

We seemed to like Ash's cornrows. What do we think about Bobby's?


DesiDancer said...

you ain't Ludacris, pick your damn hair out!

Anang said...

"What do we think about Bobby's?"

Only if it comes with a nasty ass gaudy pink-colored doo-rag. That's what bollywood needs. More doo-rags.

Anonymous said...

check out the trailer for jhoom barabar jhoom, i know you've already done some posts on that but now there's more to point and laugh at, and if possible, bobby looks even more ridiculous than ever! if you go to the yash raj site there's a poster in which he's wearing a royal purple suit with a bit of shine to it! yea, when that movie releases i anticipate a large post dedicated to it..especially since on the set pictures of abhishek have been shocking as well!

Unknown said...

i think bobby puttar should give up the whole business. there was a time when his flowing locks and sharp features looked hep and hip. now the locks look greasy and the features are obscured by fat and age. he has put on some weight as well. hence he wears these ridiculous suits unlike upen patel (who never had it) who is flashing those biceps

Soniya said...

Despite the pimped out costuming, I must say that Upen Patel is hiz-ot! He may give Arjun Rampal a run for his paisa in the eye candy category.

Anonymous said...

Shakalaka Boom Boom is an amazing movie if you are a fan of music. Watch the movie here and decide for yourself:

Bobby Deol does a decent job. Of course there is no doubting Celina's acting abilities.