Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What all the Bollywood gangster hos are wearing this fall:

Last weekend saw the opening of the much-anticipated remake of "Don", starring Shah Rukh Khan, as the title gangster. The original "Don" was made in 1978 and featured some discoriffic fashions. The new "Don" gives us, here at Bollywood Fugly, much material to laugh and point at.

"Hello? Get me the costuming director, immediately."

On the whole, our SRK sports some schwanky 70's style apparel. My main issue is with the fugged out women:

At first look this outfit may not seem offensive, sure. But the fact that you can see her panty-lines or that her bosoms are jacked up to the 87th floor will change your initial impression.

"Baby, please-- I must insist... You need to put your coat back on and cover that mess up!"

"Seriously, ho, I need a drink after looking at that crap."

"Now look, you're not allowed to go shopping without me. That fugg can't happen again. I have an image, ya hear?"

Supporting Gangsta-Divas, Isha Koppikar and Priyanka Chopra get down with their fugg, too. Which is sad, because they're both so gorgeous...

"Where's the costumer? We've got a bone to pick!"

Isha: "You know they got your dress as a buy-one-get-one with Kareena's gold outfit, right?
Priyanka: "Whatever, biotch. Yours looks like a lampshade from Fredericks of Hollywood. How dumpy can you get?"

However, our King Khan was not spared a few moments of contagious fugg.
"When I catch the guy who paired this tie with this shirt, I will whip this disk like a Ninja star, straight at his empty head..."

Although reviewers are talking about the strange tie-inside-the-shirt look that SRK rocks, we've actually already seen this before. And it wasn't pretty:

John Abraham tucks his ties in, in Taxi 9211. Nana Patekar is trying to pretend he doesn't know him, in front of the ladies...

"Look, I'm not responsible for this mess, I just read my lines and give dishoom!"


Susania said...

Ninja throwing star. *tee-hee!*

babasko said...

oh desidancer, i bow to thee


Pooja said...

Oh. My. God. I am already SO addicted to this blog.

If you search into Salman's early 90s archive, I am sure that you can come up with enough fugly outfits to last you until the end of the year. Pay special attention to "Dil Tera Aashiq" (1993).

DesiDancer said...

babasko has threatened to slap me often, if I attack Salman Khan.

that won't stop me :)

Pooja said...

Well, when you need a break from Salman, just turn to Govinda. Oh, and Ash in "Kyon... Ho Gaya Na." Or Kareena (or however she spells her name these days) in Khushi.

Really, I could go on forever.

Beth said...

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Pooja, you are officially my new best friend, and togther we will run amok across the 90s, slapping Salman and Govinda with every negative adjective we can muster! Wheeeee!

My hard drive died a few months ago so I currently have no Govinda pictures. Not usually a bad thing, but with the birth of this blog....

babasko said...

Ok, ok, I´ll take back my threat. But I still think its not fair to use Salman....Because its just too easy with him LOL

Alan said...

I didn't think Kareena and Priyanka looked all that bad. Of course this is a guy's point of view.

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