Saturday, October 28, 2006

Replay - The Truth

I already posted this on Bollywoodbloggers back in August, but I feel "the truth" needs to be spread here as well. Click for original size.

Suryavanshi is just a never ending well of treasures.


Susania said...

OMG. Is that from a REAL FILM?!?!

babasko said...

period piece. incredibly fantastic.


neha said...

personally, i look at this mvi as the original gladiator. think abt it, it's a path breaker this one.

also in an interview taken recently, salman was talking abt his career and when this masterpiece cropped up, he said this was a mvi ahead of its time.


hedonistic hobo said...

that film was brilliant. succeeded only by dheeraj kumar's 'raaton ka raja' if you haven't seen it already. stellar supereffects like backflips all the way up to the top of a building also seen in 'suryavansham' were first brought to us by this one.

J said...

Put this on utube!!!

Funny and reall fugly..

shreya said...

oh shit, this is one of my all-time favorite movies! and i love the song "main nahin kehta buzurgon ne kaha hai!" salman khan in goldilocks...that's pure gold!