Friday, October 27, 2006

Dibs on Disco Dancer!

A clever reader over at Sepia Mutiny suggested we do it and since I own the film and have nothing better to do tonight, I would love to post on it (not that there isn't enough to go around). As if there even could be anything better than making fun of Disco Dancer. And Akshaye will help.


Susania said...

Akshaye can fix lots of things.

Except his hair.

*rim shot*

Don't shoot me Beth, I love him too!

Anonymous said...

can you guys put you-tube links to each of your blog posts? it would be SO MUCH MORE fun if i could also see things in LIVE ACTION. thanks for the fugliness.

Beth said...

Susania, you can rip on his hair all you want. It is truly, documented-ly bad much of the time. It's a testament to his other charms that I bother with him at all, as usually I have quite a few things to say about a guy's hair.

Anonymous, personally I probably won't post to you tube because I'm not sure what I think of the ethics of what that site is all about. I'm not saying I think it's full-on wrong, but it has a faint taint of "almost Napster" to me. But I don't judge others if they like it. It is incredibly handy for looking at scenes of movies I can't find to rent.