Thursday, October 26, 2006


I stayed up late last night scanning pics from "Nach Baliye," and this morning they're all corrupted! Can't open any of them. &*%^@! But then I realized that since Pooja mentioned it first, she technically owns the rights to this topic!

In the beloved Bunty aur Babli (which is my new "intro" loaner to newbies, since it is impossible not to like it...) I have long watched "Nach Baliye" and asked, "what were they thinking?!" Rani's costumes for this number are so appallingly ill-suited to her figure, especially in contrast with the variations worn by the backup girls.

So I suspect that someone lost a bet... or, bet someone that they could get away with dressing Rani in a dreadful wardrobe for an entire song. This, despite the wonderful fitted Salwar suits & various costumes she wore throughout the film.



DesiDancer said...

I'm going to wager the opinion that it's got to do with the choreographer. It was Shiamak Davar, who brought us such fabulous numbers as "Le Gayi" and "Dance of Envy" from Dil to Paagal Hai, and "Kahin Aag Lage" and the western "Taal Se Taal" from Taal.

He's a great choreographer, but his fashion sense is not so hot, when it comes to outfitting the dance numbers. I can see the production meeting: ok, so my vision is that we have these giant elastic props, like big ass resistabands, and everybody wears daisy-dukes and stretches the resistabands... brilliant, hena!?

Susania said...

But the odd thing is that the backup dancers are dressed quite well in most respects - e.g. halter tops instead of tank tops. Rani is a trifle short waisted and has a large bosom, so tank tops or bandeau tops are the worst possible choice for her.

Pooja said...

"This, despite the wonderful fitted Salwar suits & various costumes she wore throughout the film."

... which is what made the outfits in Nach Baliya clawing-out-my-eyes bad. I also wonder how/why big-name stars allow to be dressed like this. I mean, didn't Rani look in the mirror and say, "This doesn't work with *my* body?" We all know what flatters us and what doesn't.