Friday, October 27, 2006

Our First Anniversary!

Hooray! Ugly, Ugly, Bollywood Fugly has been operational for 1 whole week now. In the past seven days, I've been able to snag/coerce/bamboozle 10 authors to join me in fighting the forces of fugliness. Slowly, we're making the world a more bearable place.

So far, here's our team:
t-HYPE (me) of Beliefs, Blackness & Bollywood
Beth of Beth Loves Bollywood
Susania, The Grand Duchy of Susania
DesiDancer of Bollywood West
babasko of Baba Aur Bollywood
SECOND STRING (the wildcards who have yet to post)
Recovering Baptist of Martini Ministry
Filmiholic of well,
Maja of Nothing to Declare
Steve of Army of Monkeys
Tanya Palta of Our Bollywood
[ADDENDUM] How in the world could I forget, Ms. Pooja! So, last but not least:
Pooja as in

You should hear from our second string friends soon! As always, if you have any images to pass along, SUBMIT! them using the link on the upper left.

I now leave you with a blast from the past. [Courtesy of Manish Vij.]

More images of this fiasco to come. Believe it.



DesiDancer said...

damn, T! why you gotta blow up my spot on a friday? I was going to post that photo with a side-by-side of Morris Day from The Time :)

Jerome, bring me my coat!

Susania said...

OMG, that movie is BEGGING for the Fug Police to book it! But leave "Choli Ke Peeche" alone. It ROCKS.

babasko said...

hehe now thats what I call like-minded. I was actually watching "choli ke peeche" today on youtube, thinking about doing a post about khalnayak.

and i go with susania. don´t you dare saying something bad about "choli ke peeche"

Alan said...

Choli Ke Peeche is one of the all time best film numbers. I love the fact Madhuri does NOT have washboard abs.

Alan said...

Oh, and condratulations on the one week anniversary. I think you have a great blog going here.