Friday, October 27, 2006

Bang bang! Disco Dancer

Thanks to Vik at Sepia Mutiny, it became all too clear that the time was all too right to get our hands dirty with the canon.

It's so easy.

It's sooo easy.

It's sooooo easy. And these are all from the same song.

A 1980s Bollywood movie about a 70s dance phenomenon. So very rich.

Jimmy's debut.

Not so bad, really; a lot of the girlsies on my college campus are wearing belts not unlike this these days. The crease down the front of his pants is intriguing, though. And do not overlook the backup gals in pink, who have on those
ice-skater-type tops that are sheer to look like bikini tops.

I haven't actually seen Barbarella but I sense these boots might have been raided from its costume shop.

On to the Krishna song.

Black outfit with feather seams lacking a little something?

Spice it up with some streamers!

Or with some ninja-y looking folks, also with streamers of course.

Or try some matching capes and skirts

and oh my stars the black calf-high socks. I think these are what puzzle me most of all.

And they're equally bad on either gender.

Given our project here, this might be jumping the gun, but I'm going to go ahead and award these pastel, be-cape-ed, black-socked monstrosities the Worst Backup Dancer Outfits in Bollywood (Coordinated for Both Genders) (so individual entries for female and male are still up for grabs). What I like about these is how peculiar they are. How did anyone ever think these were a good idea? They don't show up on film particularly well. They're certainly not flattering. They're not à la mode from any era.

I know he's wounded and all, but the poncho is silly. And I actually liked Rita's outfit here until I noticed that the pants were split down the side with some kind of gold thingy holding the bits together. I really hate lace-up-effect clothing. Hate.

And the greatest firangi in Bollywood, Bob Christo! It you must wear tight white pants, Bob, do it like Amitabh and my FPMFIL in Muqaddar Ka Sikandar.

I fast forwarded through this whole movie looking for gems, but you know what? Apart from the songs, the clothes here are pretty darn normal, especially given that it's 1) Bollywood, 2) 1983, and 3) about disco.


Neha said...

man, this blog is right out of a dream! lol ... just super! if i can be of some help ... try dariya dil ... govinda in a superman outfit and kimi katkar as spidey. priceless!

Susania said...

I don't know how we could possibly top this... I think we may have to close down the blog!

sk said...

I beg you...stop! I can't take it anymore!
I can contribute fugly scenes from Tamil 'disco' movies-but that wouldn't be Bollywood, I guess.

Good luck!

Katrin said...

Brilliant post - thank you so much :D
I still haven't dared to watch Disco Dancer but I guess I'll have to now ... This screenshot is what kept me from watching:
Her face says it all ...

Katrin said...

And here's the complete link:
Sorry for spamming ;)

t-HYPE said...

SK, bring it on! We need to fight fugliness in all regions of India! No one is immune...

hedonistic hobo said...

the movie had fucking awesome music though.
you should direct your scrutiny towards some other gems, like the backup dancers in 'laila o laila' and amjad's drumming skills in the same song from 'qurbani'.
or this glittering jem, the jewel of the crown........

chhavi said...

ahahahahaahahahahahahaha. *I* like thos calf-high socks!

Beth said...

Sadly the only gems I can scrutinize are the ones I can get my hands on here in town. I don't trust the video quality on youtube - pixeliness impedes my judgment! I actually had to buy Disco Dancer becuase neither of the places in my town that rents Hindi films had it.... And I agree, some of the music is honestly really fun. And as I said, it's only the outfits in songs that offend. The others are perfectly fine.

JaWil said...

Those fancy ladies and their outfits! Totally a situation where Boo Berry and Franken Berry hook up on the back nine at the country club--in the Mystery Machine, of course. I treasure this amalgam!

JaWil said...

You think Hindi flicks will have people dressed in Ugg boots with printed tees, pajama bottoms, a slightly sideways trucker hat, holding a Starbucks Frappucino in 2007, 2008?