Friday, October 20, 2006

Bollywood Fugly lesson #1: less is more

(From No Entry, 2005. imdb does not list a costume designer for this movie, but I have an inside track on this particular production, so I'll see what I can find out.)

Never one to disappoint a gal, our Salman.

Unlike some bad Bollywood clothes (and good ones too, let's be honest), this one does not veer off into the land of overly complicated. It's not full of peek-a-boo holes, overpopulated with zippers, jarringly colorful, laced up, bespangled, shiny, or see-through. It's actually quite simple - nay, classic! The man, his shades, his neckwear, and his

(And even still, I bet he's got more square inches of fabric on him than any of the women here. But never mind.)

Which brings us to an interesting question: how responsible are actors for what they wear? It's really not Salman's fault, is it? (See, Babasko, I can be charitable.) We should probably drag the costume designers into this, but I imagine they're not so fun to get screen captures of. So the stars it is, accessible and pretty as they are. But we've got our eye on you, costume designers. Watch it.


babasko said...

first. I loooooooooove the idea of this blog.

second. i think i will tolerate this post. just.

third. i´m not so sure about how much influence the actors have on their costumes. but on monday i might be able to find out

Alan said...

This is a good idea for a blog. You should have lots of material (or maybe lack of material, based on a lot of costumes) to work with,

andrea said...

omg look at his stomach straining to get out!

where on earth is bollywood. sure seems like a crazy place!