Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Last Minute Halloween suggestions

If you were too late at the costume agency and those wonderful Suryavanshi warrior costumes where already rented out,

there are still some options for some DIY guises, by taking inspiration from Khoobsurat.

Like the funny swiss cook:

Or the walking pink lace curtain:

And if everything fails you can still raid grandmas closet and wear her sunday church dress:

Happy Halloween everybody!


t-HYPE said...

The Liberace blouse definitely has to be one of the THE worst things I've ever seen on a straight man.

Cesmisiyah said...

Oh, the pink lace curtain reminds me of Saif's see through (pinkish?) kurta in that song (the engagement?) from NTJNH.

And somebody please capture some Vivek from the Saathiya song Chupke Se. Kajal, beads, puffy hair: he's at his effeminate best there.

hedonistic hobo said...

hehehe........walking pink curtain

or shah rukh in ram jaane the shirtless suit. and the tie.....