Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Something frightful for Halloween

Pastel knickers, silver aprons, tinsel wigs with hood ornaments, cummerbunds, desi-fros, and white sneakers... Maanzil Maanzil looks to be Thriller meets disco.

watch out for the brown b-boys!

Is good, no?

WTF?!? Do I give her some candy or kick her off the porch, turn off the lights and hide?
Via Turbanhead. Trick or Treat, fugglers.


t-HYPE said...

Um, I'm filing this one under: hott mess.

Beth said...

My top 5 favorite things about this are:
5. the backup dancers' knee fringe
4. the moonwalking
3. the interlude of Balkan-sounding music
2. the chorus of Xena-like war cries
1. the giant demon head

Oh wait. And the fact that the audience seems to be sitting comletely stock still except for Sunny's friend, who's eyebrow-waggling to his heart's content.

Kits said...

In reply to Thriller meets disco, my colleague suggested we make it Horror meets disco and don't forget the item gurl with the belly peoples!

Seeker said...

This is the daimn-fuggliest thing I ever saw (in the past week)!!

OTOH, you guys need to take out the stuff about Fanaa mufler, and Aish...Don't dilute your quality by including non-fugly on the site!!