Monday, October 23, 2006

Fugtacular Boys (2003)

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"No, seriously! I like your vest thingy Siddharth.
It's so enviro-friendly! Wha--oh. I see.
They're soda cans. There's Coca-cola!"

"Genelia, why did all our friends turn into low budget animatrons?"

"I don't know! Let's close our eyes and dance until they go away!"

"It worked! They're gone!"

"Let's get out of here before they put us in another bad outfit."

"This isn't funny anymore."

"I know. It's paining me!
Siddharth, if anyone is hurt, it should be me.
Do you really think my boobs are shaped like this wood bustier?"

"You're right Genelia. This is the last one anyhow. Last one! Last one!"

"No big deal. It's not like I have a chip on my shoulder or anything."


Susania said...

What film is this from?!

Susania said...

I just realized where the costumes came from.

Anyone bin watching Project Runway...?

t-HYPE said...

There are also some amusing photos of Siddharth riding naked on a motorbike but I'm saving those for my review!

Alan said...

Good job on the captions!

Indian Parrot said...

This whole set,costumes was made out of scrapped materials...if you look close you will see soda bottles, some plastic bags etc. Basically recycled materials song. Go Green. I will try to find a link.