Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dhoom 2; or, When Designers Try To Be Fashion-Forward

Now, where did I see this outfit before...?

Ah yes. Wendy Pepper's Project Runway design for the Supermarket Challenge in Season 1.

Oh Ash... Don't you have enough celebrity to have an agent who will make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen? Your beautiful hair...!

Now, Uday... Retro does NOT automatically mean re-adopting the Tacky. Watch Seinfeld re-runs. The Puffy Shirt episode, specifically. And if you're gonna hold a rose in your teeth (also a bad idea), please make it a real one, not plastic!

And Uday? I know Daddy's calling in all his favors to give you a career, and you are doing your part by bulking up... but that fabric for a Sleeveless Bicep shirt is all wrong. And let's not even mention the bandanna!


Pooja said...

"Don't you have enough celebrity to have an agent who will make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen?"

I don't get it. I like her cornrows. Givers her a bit of edge (finally).

Susania said...

Apparently this is just me who dislikes them; DesiDancer agrees with you!

t-HYPE said...

I'm going to have to vote with the majority on this one: Cornrows are cool! However, THIS may strenthen your case on copying designs...

I hope their design intern never works again!

Jeet said...

From the promos, i think aish looks beaooootiful ..esp that white frilly skirt....those legs!

Abhi on the other hand needs a new hair-style ala Aamir

jeet said...

ps the link

"the model shows more assets than ash" . Ash is not blessed in the "assets" area

Aparna said...

Well, agree with the majority about Ash's hair...she could not have looked naive and beautiful the cornrows are fine.
However, Uday, is supposed to appear grungy and unfashionable with wrong choice of his clothes should look fugly.

DesiDancer said...

uday, uday, uday. Too weak to hold a movie on his own... has to come as second or third supporting actor in all of daddy's films.

And another thing. You're in a movie with HRITHIK. Have you not seen the promo shots? The ones with Hrithik's abs all over the place? The one that stops straight women in their tracks?? dude. Please do NOT take off your shirt in this movie, lest you get smited by the blinding glory of Hrithik Roshan's bod.

-and you're verging into Uncle Chest territory.

Md. said...

anyway its looking promising