Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baazigar (Part I)

SRK dressed like "Zorro." SRK in short-shorts. SRK in sailor wear. SRK as a matador.

Need I say more?


Beth said...

Wow, I'd forgotten all about all of that. I love how hyper she is at the beginning - well-played "secret single behavior," as they say on Sex and the City, when you're all giddy about a new boy.

I like that his Zorro cape says "Baazigar" on it and that his mask has glitter around the eyes - very Ziggy Stardust - and that it's jagged, sort of proto-Krrish.

Beth said...

Oh, and what about her baby pink bridal gown?

Okay, I have to cut myself off now. This could go on all night.

Pooja said...

Her satin baby pink bridal gown :).

You know what bothered me the most--that her bridal gown didn't go with his Zorro outfit. It would have been much better had he worn a tuxedo or she worn a "female" version of his outfit (taking a cue from Catherine Zeta Jones in the 1998 film, maybe).

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Cairbre said...

Blame Gauri. She was SRKs costume designer in Baazigar.