Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's time for a fugly, fugly poll!

What is wrong with this picture?
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babasko said...

oh my. this is so wrong. TB. what have you done? i cant stop giggling.

Susania said...

I wish I could pretend I never saw that...

Emily said...

That's from Jeans, right? I just watched that movie the other day and thought of this site pretty much every other time someone came on screen. Most of Aish's costumes in Jeans are definitely worthy of mockery.

Beth said...

Do I want to know who are? Or would I rather not?

Well, now I know what my boyfriend is not getting for Christmas this year.

And as a sign that all is right with the universe, the word verification for this comment is vbads - as though Bridget Jones took "very bad things here" and made it all into one word, I like to think.

Totally Basmatic said...

Good catch, Emily. This is indeed from Jeans. The specimen is in fact Prashanth in a double role.

Double your pleasure, double your fun?

t-HYPE said...


That's horrible. Realy horrible.