Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Amisha The Blonde Bombshell!

Will The Real Goldilocks Please Stand Up! No offense to Amisha fans (are there any?) but the woman needs to change her designer pronto! Here peroxide hair, her bleached skin , her constant babbling about her affinity to Louis Vuitton and being a designer icon makes me wonder what the woman is smoking! Anyways hope Amisha never goes back to her Goldilocks avatar or I may have to send over the 3 Big Bears!

Being a punju my self please take my word that we don't dance on the streets wearing such garish clothes and calling them sexy! I need to lie down after such an abomination !Maybe thats why Arjun wore those shades!


DesiDancer said...

perhaps her fug is the reason Arjun went blind in this movie! (Vaada)

Beth said...

Aaaaaah! Flashback! A few months ago I scoured the web for this song because Totally Basmatic did a great little piece on it, although for different reasons.

You raise a good point, Tanya: are there any Amisha fans out there?

chapati said...

OMG that song is Putrid with a capital P.

I don't remember the title of the movie where she played a student named Puja, but i nearly vomited when she kept calling SRK "SAAAAAAAAARRR SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!"

Meenakshi said...

Besides her FUGLY fashion sense, it totally irks me that she goes around India saying she is a "gold medalist" in economics from State University of Boston. Who gets a gold medal in America!!!

R R said...

rofl soooooo trueeeee!!!!

being a punjabi myself as well, it took me a couple of days to bring back my raised eyebrows and shut my open mouth after watching this song. hehe

love your blog!!!! :)