Friday, December 08, 2006

Bollywood Fugly v. Amisha Patel

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

Exhibit E:
I rest my case.


Beth said...

Three things:
1) Exhibit B is sunk by the shoes, I think. Why do costume designers pair knee-length-ish skirts with ankle boots? Classically bad. It chops up the line and all. Bleh. If she'd gotten to wear plain ol' sandals or flats or something this would be just standard filmi exuberant.
2) Look at what the backup dancers in D are wearing. Chartreuse blindfolds, elbow pads, and knee pads. What on earth is that all about?
3) Notice Amisha's arms. They're always bent at the elbow, like a Barbie's.

Beth said...
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pied piper said...

Detention without bail! Immediately!!!

Aparna said...

Beth...your observations rock...with amisha babae around...I wouldn't have really noticed anyone else that badly dressed...

Beth said...

Also, they seem to be wearing high-heeled sneakers. Really, really odd.

Pooja said...

Don't miss the "nude" leggings in Exhibit A.

Totally Basmatic said...

In Exhibit A, is her fly down? Because that would seriously make my life.

AmusedinIndia said...

If you think this if as good as it gets, you should see what she wears to parties/filmi functions.
Her dress sense in real life is even more atrocious!

DesiDancer said...

what's up with exhibit A? Is she too busty to button her jacket? Why not do without the jacket altogether? And a skort?? Desi, please! Unless you're 7 and having a go at the monkey bars during recess, there's really no need to wear one of those. ever.

scary post, pooja!

Anonymous said...

Those last two Amisha photos are hott, fashion or no fashion.

Anonymous said...

Amisha patel despite having a fab body dresses like a hooker. She looks like drag queen in most of the pics, when dressed ina simple sari she suits it much better,if i were her i would sue the stylist-please call the fashion police!!

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