Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hott Guys Gone Fugly - Hrithik Roshan

I LOVE me some Hrithik. At the same time, Hrithik strikes me as the sort of fellow who's a little too nice. The sort of person who would find it difficult to tell a costume designer that their idea sucked and that under no circumstances would he walk around looking like someone's fashion school senior project. Poor Hrithik...

Let's recap:
YaadeinHoly Fashion Crisis Rocky S! What the heck is going on!

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
Keep makin' that face Hrithik, 'cause it's not funny.

Dhoom 2
In addition to the arguably tepid kiss:Hrithik - Hulk Hogan's sidekick

And now presenting new offenses:
Koi Mil GayaWanted: Mentally challenged costume for mentally challenged character.
(Need a close up of the ornate fabric?)Warning: This photo features male cleavage, an ascot and fake snakeskin.
(Need another view?)

Pearlescence is not always priceless.
Especially when it comes with matching headband and cummerbund belt.

That whole segment from Yaadein wins the What the FUG?! award in my book.

Also, I must ask, was anyone else irked by the black "peek-a-boo" sweater in K3G?


Beth said...

Oh, I'd forgotten all about that awful sweater.

Koi Mil Gaya is one of my favorites but they really do fug him after the alien encounter. Apparently "jadoo" involves ridiculous clothing; the better to show off your muscles and new dance moves, I presume. There's an inverse proportion between good clothes and intensified abilities; maybe it's some kind of balance-in-the-universe restorative idea so that no one person can be dishy, confident, a good dancer, a good fighter, and well-dressed? (I might have to develop this idea further in a separate post....) He looks lovely when he's pre-alien - of course, I do like my men preppy, so maybe it's just me.

babasko said...

Oh god, THE sweater. Made me crazy, from the first time I saw it.

skizzle said...

I've seen this offense repeatedly in Hindi movies, and though it's not exactly a fashion faux paus, it is nonetheless irritating. Can somebody please tell Hindi movie directors and stylists alike that one cannot operate an electric guitar without amps, etc. Seriously. It just won't work like that, Hrithik.

Pooja said...

Have we picked on AB2, yet? Here's today's reader photo on Rediff.com.
It's seems as if it was taken on set, so the SILVER JACKET with RAINBOW STRIPES will be featured on film.

t-hype said...

No Pooja, no!

I didn't need to see Ab2 looking like Willie Wonka meets Rainbow Brite. I really didn't.

Aparna said...

@Beth: your logic is very reasonable...one person should not get everything, I agree! And yeah, Hrithik does look much much better when he is pre-alien-ated...