Friday, December 22, 2006


There's fugly, and then there's...this. Amisha Patel, whose costumers have been explicitly warned (although not before this movie came out, to be fair), begins this song in Aap Ki Khatir looking relatively normal, if overly eyeliner-ed.

After all, she's the bride-to-be, out celebrating, so we'll allow her some excesses. And her red top looks nice enough, though maybe a bit too small in the chestal region.

But then she gets up to join the dance and we can see her entire one-piece, bell-bottomed, peekaboo jumpsuit.

(Sunil's all "damn, girl" and she's all "I have to hide my face in shame!")

I really don't know what to say. It's so clearly wrong, but I can't think of a single adjective to sum it up precisely. And I am a woman obsessed; I took six screen captures of this so that its full fugliness, from squishy top to bizarre middle to really wide bottom, could be seen by all.

On the other hand, this film gave subtitled glory to a theme of this blog:


Anonymous said...

Most of her costumes in this movie were slutty, tacky, cheap.

Anonymous said...

Here is a sunil shetty gem:

Anonymous said...

Little bit of looking around shows up these gems from Sunil Shetty:

Okay - this one is too good. Chunky Pandey (what's with that name?!):

DesiDancer said...

is she copping a feel on herself, in the top pic?

Amit said...

hi how could u watch that crappy movie AAP KI KHATIR.......amisha was horrible as usual and so was the movie.
But luckily i got to watch Lage Raho... next week.
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Anonymous said...

is she copping a feel on herself

One can only hope.

Angela G. Skylar said...

Wow, I agree with you Beth, Amisha's outfit is one of the most hideous pieces of clothing I've every seen and I agree she really needs to wear something that umm...covers in all the right places...uggh it totally disgusted me.

Anonymous said...

amisha patel has no dress sense and she is a slutty dresser she loves wearing arse bearing crotch revealing skirts and bosom revealing tops-this deters the audiences from her awful acting

sex toys said...

Little doubt, the dude is completely fair.