Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Defense of White Christmas

OK, Beth, I am restraining my righteous indignation out of respect for your usually impeccable blogpresence... But you do NOT mock my beloved White Christmas, which, after It's A Wonderful Life is the BEST Christmas movie ever. I adore the clothes - the huge crinolined skirts and the lovely colors... and the music & dancing is fantastic, and it should be remade by Bollywood since the plot is pure Bollywood, if you really think about it, right?

I'm thinking...
  • SRK for Bing Crosby (light-hearted gravitas)
  • Kajol for Rosemary Clooney (goody! pair 'em up again!)
  • Saif for Danny Kaye (comic timing)
  • Preity for Vera-Ellen (although, we need a really spectacular dancer here...)
  • Big B for the General (the audience would be in tears during the tribute at the end!)

And I think Karan Johar would be all over the melodrama of the plotline... what do you think?


Beth said...

I couldn't agree more. I spent most of the movie Bollycizing it in my head. Personally I'd put Rani in over Kajol, as she's my favorite SRK partner, but I recognize I might be alone on that. As long as Farida Jalal or Archana Puran Singh gets to be the housekeeper, I'm on board. Oooh, and we can fill in all the random bubble-headed female dancer bit parts with the starlets we don't like!

I love White Christmas too, but somehow it just looked more ridiculous to me this viewing than it ever has before. It is hands-down my favorite holiday movie of any kind. It's VistaVision magic!

Susania said...

OK, you can have Rani... and come to think of it, I would really prefer Akshay Kumar in the Crosby role...

TigerYogi said...