Monday, February 19, 2007

In This Corner: The Big B

One of my absolute favorites, Amar Akbar Anthony has the sheer exuberance that has always typified the best Bollywood films. Fantastic, charming, ridiculous and altogether hilarious, it will always be in my top ten Bollywood films.

That said... have you SEEN Amitabh's wardrobe in this film? Two Words: Lea. Ther.

First we see Anthony in his bar dealing with a tough customer. Just the jacket, folks; no shirt required! Note the crucifix.

Next, we have his concert-going attire... again, leather jacket, no shirt. And the crucifix has changed to an Egyptian ankh. Why? No idea.

Finally, we have his shopping ensemble. When shopping with your fiancee for her wedding dress, no shirt required!


Beth said...

Those jackets must have stunk. Can you imagine doing all that fighting encased in leather with no nice cotton underthings? Bleh.

Renovatio said...

I can safely say I have never worn a single piece of leather on any part of me but my feet... and those were riding boots too... I don't even own leather...

thalassa_mikra said...

The first outfit with the newsboy cap and green leather jacket is unfortunate, but otherwise he looks fine.

As for the chest hair, only in America is there such follicle phobia. I'd take a hairy Amitabh over a waxed and scrubbed Hrithik any day.

DesiDancer said...

do you know how many Nauga's died to costume this movie??

long live naugahyde!!

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