Friday, February 16, 2007

They're not laughing with you...

Oh dear, where do I even begin with this... Are we allowed to fug sets as well as costumes? Because if we can, I think the Taj Ma-Phallus stage for this show is hysterical.

But that's just the jump-off!

Who is that masked man? Is it Optimus Prime?

Is it Voltron, Defender of the Universe? Is it an anime villain?

Oh hell, it's MUCH worse!! It's Salman Khan dancing~ aaaaaahhhhhhh!

Sallu dear, they're not laughing with you, they really truly are laughing at you. Just look at the expressions on the audience's face-- they're horrified! Though, in your defense, it may be because the back-up dancers pulled the "one-leg-up-dog-peeing-on-fire-hydrant-then-hump-the-floor" move. Dude, that is SO last year's pageant circuit.

It only gets worse from there. Don't believe me? Forward to 6:50 for the "Madonna Move" [thanks Amir!] *not suggested viewing if you plan on eating in the next 20-30 minutes. Protective eyewear also recommended.


shakester said...

but...but ...but...he kept his shirt on! well, almost
thats just so unnatural!

Beth said...

There are so many questions to ask about this clip. It hurts ever so much. It is ever so insane. Why does he have that helmet on in the beginning? Why are his shoes so large? Why does he dance with such limited range of motion? Why do the backup dancers have spouts of turquoise fabric on their heads?

It also made me love Abhishek even more, amused as he clearly is - an "if I didn't laugh, I'd weep" sort of thing. Preity looks pretty horrified too.

I second your concern about the Taj. Set designers, you're next!

Susania said...

Boy, talk about phoning it in! Seriously, could he have looked more bored, or performed more perfunctorily? I could literally see his mind off on other subjects, like "which one of the backup dancers would be a good hookup for the evening?"