Monday, February 05, 2007

Well, it was 1989 - what did you expect?

I definitely wanted jeans like this in junior high - I don't recall what this particular button-way-up-then-fold-over waist style is called, but I certainly remember pale blue acid wash - and if I had bold enough, meek high school freshman that I was, I probably would have tied a sheer scarf through the belt loops when I was feeling extra sassy.

(Maine Pyar Kiya, 1989)

Doesn't the not-our-heroine girl remind you of Jennifer Grey? Nobody puts Seema in a corner!

I'd also like to point out that Salman's shirt collar accoutrements. I've never seen anything like this piece of man jewelry before, and I've done my share of country line dancing. What are those, exactly? Weights to keep his collar from flying up (as it will do in later wind-swept songs)?

Presenting Captain Uncle Chest to the rescue!


Ashley said...

Ahhh.. Maine Pyar Kiya. That is one of my favorite comedies! I love Salman's little sports car shaving kit in that movie!!

skizzle said...

In Salman's defense, he probably was closer in age to his heroine in '89 so perhaps the Uncle Chest title didn't fit then. However, flash forward to a couple of years back with "Lucky" where his heroine was ... STILL IN HIGHSCHOOL, and that title seems very appropriate.

Beth said...

Ashley - I know! As they say, the accessories make the man. Vroom vroom!

Good point Skizzle! Lucky is completely creepy.

Keith said...

It's too bad he's become trapped in a snow globe.

Himani Sharma said...

I was looking for this girl- Pervin Dastur, who so much resembles Jennifer Grey, today on the internet as when I landed on your blog. They were total look alikes until of course the infamous rhinoplasty of grey's :p. I wonder where Pervin is now. No idea if she appeared in any otehr movie.

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